Book review: Walk This Way

It’s difficult not to smile all the way through this banter-filled travel book, Walk This Way: Hills, Thrills and Headaches on Scotland’s Trails.

Walk this Way is an entertaining journey through not just one, but three of the most renowned long-distance paths in Scotland, seen through the eyes of newly-converted walker Gary Sutherland.

Fighting against his deepest fears (from panthers to midges) and trying to overcome his suspicion of walkers and the walking life, the author – a cycling aficionado – draws a brilliant travel portrait, told in a way that is halfway between a confessional pub chat and stand-up comedy.

It intertwines irony with beautiful landscapes, but leaves that beaten path once in a while to make space for some deeper considerations, which are never too lengthy.

A seriously charming read for those travellers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Walk This Way: Hills, Thrills and Headaches on Scotland’s Trails, by Gary Sutherland, published by Backpage, £8.99.

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