Book review – The Quiet Side of Passion

The Quiet Side of Passion is the 12th volume of the Isabel Dalhousie series.

In this tale, Isabel meets Patricia, the single mother of her son’s friend Basil.  She hears that the child is allegedly the son of a well-known Edinburgh organist, Basil Phelps – and the product of an aff air – and decides to get to the bottom of the rumours.

After becoming embroiled in this ethically complex situation, it seems that Isabel has misjudged not only Patricia, but almost everyone around her.

In the meantime, Isabel is also dealing with her spontaneous and reckless niece, Cat, who has taken up with a tattoo shop worker.

She must use her good judgement and intelligence to navigate the best way forward.

A funny, thoughtful book with a lot of heart, The Quiet Side of Passion is set in Edinburgh during the summer, making it a perfect warm weather read.

The Quiet Side of Passion, by Alexander McCall Smith, published by Little, Brown, £18.99.

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