Book review – 25 Years of the Ayrshire Road Run

What’s the story?

Back in 1993, the Ayrshire Road Run was created as an adjunct to the established annual vintage rally organised by the Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club (AVT&MC). The idea was to promote the rally by running entered commercial vehicles around the major towns in Ayrshire. Over the following years the Road Run attracted more and more vintage vehicles, from small vans and double-decker buses to full-sized articulated lorries. The events has continued to grow, attracting more than a hundred vehicles each year. Organiser Bill Reid celebrates 25 years of the run with a superb collection of photographs documenting the various participants from over the years.


Author Bill Reid has evidently had a lot of fun putting this book together. His photographic research has been meticulous, pulling a host of images into this one publication. Even to the casual eye, there’s plenty to grab the attention, looking at some of the more unusual larger vehicles which have taken part in the event over the years. There’s an obvious evolution to the commercial vehicles, which is interesting to chart. It’s also interesting to see some of the other vehicles which have taken part, including a red double decker bus!


It’s a book about commercial vehicles – there’s no getting away from that. It’s a specialist area, which may put off the casual reader, but what shines through is the enthusiasm of the author, who not only organises the run and is well-respected in the vintage and preserved vehicle world.


Those in the commercial vehicle and haulage industry will definitely find it to be of interest, especially as there are plenty of previously unpublished images. Those who take part in the run, or know people who have, are in for a treat, especially if they’re hoping to find a glimpse of themselves, a loved one, or a well-known truck.

Read a sample here

25 Years of the Ayrshire Road Run sample


If you were to pick up the book off the shelf and have a flick through it, it would definitely grab your attention. The sizes, shapes and colours of the vehicles featured make it interesting from the word go, with each entry accompanied by some relevant text detailing each vehicle and its owner. Definitely one for the larger vehicle enthusiasts.

25 Years of the Ayrshire Road Run, by Bill Reid, published by Amberley, £14.99.

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