Audiobook review – Death on the Mile

What’s the story?

Lady Christina de Souza is a cat burglar with a difference. She has a flying London bus. Her latest objective is the heist of a lifetime. She simply has to break into Edinburgh Castle to steal a treasure worth millions of pounds. This full-cast audio adventure, written by Donald McLeary from Rutherglen, in South Lanarkshire, stars former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan as the series lead, part of a four-story box set release.


The wittily-entitled tale, Death on the Mile, is deliberately ridiculous. McLeary’s background as a successful comedy writer shines through (having written for Chewin’ The Fat, amongst others), and features crazy ideas such as the volcanoes beneath Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat becoming active again, all thanks to the intervention of some nasty, green (farting) aliens who are out to make money. This reviewer won’t spoil the climax, but… in the mind’s eye, it would have been spectacular on television!


The whole series is a spin-off from Lady Christina, a character who appeared alongside David Tennant in Doctor Who in 2009, which explained how the flying bus came to be. If you’re familiar with the character, you’ll be hooked straight away, but those unfamiliar won’t take long to catch on.


Science fiction fans will love it, and those who enjoy a good light-hearted crime caper will have a ball too. It’s done very much with tongue firmly in cheek, but it’s wonderfully entertaining.



It’s a great tale, and especially appropriate for release this month as it features not only the Edinburgh Festival, but the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It’s not meant to be serious – go with the flow, picture the action in your mind, and enjoy. It’s glorious fun, beautifully brought to life by the cast and director Helen Goldwyn.

Death on the Mile by Donald McLeary, part of the Lady Christina box set, published by Big Finish Productions, £23 on CD/£20 download
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