An insightful guide to the secrets of Stirling

Stirling, while remaining a small settlement throughout the past, is not to be underestimated and holds huge significance in Scottish history.

It has been associated with some of the most famous names in Scotland, including William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots, with Stirling Castle housing almost every Scottish monarch.

Secret Stirling gives a vivid account of the town’s history, using beautiful and unusual images; Stewart is able to bring the events that took place to life while also educating the reader on fascinating, lesser known events that occurred in the Scottish town. From witch trials to Oliver Cromwell, in the history of Sterling there is not a dull moment.

Stirling has often been seen as the ‘Gateway to the highlands’ and as such has been the focus of many conflicts both against England, and internally in Scotland: this book will walk you through many of those dark times with fascinating detail dating all the way back to the origins of the town.

Secret Stirling is perfect for those ready to immerse themselves into the intriguing and gruesome history of the ancient Scottish town, with this account overflowing with information to take with you for the next visit.

Secret Stirling by Gregor Stewart, published by Amberley Publishing, £14.99.

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