An essential guide to some outstanding bakes

Calling all budding bakers across the land, this one’s for you.

Based in Muir of Ord, Bad Girl Bakery – a name that pokes fun at anyone who disapproves of a little indulgence – has become an institution for weary wanderers seeking a dose of sheer sugary glee. (It is, after all, impossible to eat cake and be miserable – a mantra that the team seem to live by).

For many of us, the 2020/21 bake-athon never slowed, and over-complicated cinnamon rolls that coated every square inch of the kitchen surfaces in clart became the norm.

The joy of this book, however, is that the recipes are simple.

This is thanks to owner Jeni Iannetta’s steadfast belief that baking should be less about process, more about enjoyment.

Tell me that these chapters aren’t a flash of pure brilliance: Cake for Breakfast (what else), Everyday Treats (excellent news, we can eat Date, Apple & Walnut Cake daily), Not-So-Everyday Treats (I feel a party coming on), and Leftover Cake (is that even possible? If so, showing us what to do with it is a stroke of genius).

A baking bible that deserves to be in everyone’s kitchen. Lime Meringue Pie Cake is first up on my list.

Bad Girl Bakery, by Jeni Iannetta, published by Kitchen Press, £20.

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