A whisky atlas of Europe will hit the shelves this week

An atlas covering the whisky (and whiskey) distilleries of Europe is set to be published next month.

The Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022 is the continuation of the Whisk(e)y Atlas North America 2021, with the aim being to show lovers of a dram the rapid development of whisk(e)y in recent years.

However, this time, the focus is on Europe.

A spokesman for the publishers said: ‘Even just 20 years ago, the only distinction made was between Scotch whisky (about 100 distilleries) and Irish whiskey (three distilleries). Of course, there have been some distilleries outside Scotland and Ireland in Europe, trying hard to develop their own whisky.

‘However, the achieved outcome usually differed from the expectations of many whisk(e)y connoisseurs. But time changed and so did the consumer behavior. Their preferences moved away from industrially produced mass spirits towards high-quality products providing genuine origin.

‘Nowadays people understand terms like artisanal, regional, local, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and even carbon-dioxide (CO2) -neutral no longer as marketing phrases only. These became characters’ and part of the actual lifestyle. And they can be tried, tested, and verified by anybody.

‘Throughout the years, many new craft distilleries (annual production up to 500,000 litres), micro distilleries (up to 50,000 litres/year) and nano distilleries (less than 10,000 litres/year) emerged. And think about the numerous farm distilleries, processing the home-grown grain into whisk(e) on site, so called “field to bottle”.’

There is a distillery finder at the end of the book, which is is divided into seven regions and designed to help readers quickly find a particular distillery, brand name or the distilleries of a group.

If you are interested in which distilleries are united under the umbrella of Diageo or Pernod Richard, etc, a quick look at the Distillery Finder Scotland will help.

For each distillery you get information about the location, the year of opening, the year of closing, the company name, the internet address, and what kind of whisk(e)y is produced.

Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022 is published by Alba-Collection Verlag, and will be released on 2 April, priced €39.

The book will be available in whisky and bookshops or directly from the publisher.