A travelogue of Britain’s most notorious climb on Skye

Simon Ingram is not alone in his fascination with the mighty Cuillin, but this breeze-block-sized tome is a veritable paean to the Skye mountain ridge that sits among the clouds.

Broken into three sections – ascent, traverse, and descent – it is primarily a travelogue of Ingram’s own battle to conquer Britain’s most notorious climb.

That said, numerous forays into the island’s history and its people, including the many artists and poets who have been captivated by the Black Ridge throughout the years, also make this an incredibly informative read.

The depth of his research is extensive, yet his writing is so poetic that the pages fly by.

If you haven’t the energy, or indeed the inclination, to undertake this epic adventure yourself, living it through this intrepid mountain guide is the next best plan of action.

The Black Ridge: Amongst the Cuillin of Skye, by Simon Ingram, published by William Collins, £20.

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