A spectacular showcase of the art of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Art Book brings together the works of 67 contemporary artists who have been inspired by Edinburgh’s character to capture the essence of the capital and the surrounding area.

It is the third in a series of books edited by collage artist Emma Bennett, who, for this edition, was aided by a selection panel of art and city experts. The collection, entitled The City through the Eyes of its Artists, features the editor’s own vibrant collage on the cover.

Spanning 127 pages, The Edinburgh Art Book showcases the city’s diverse architectural features, iconic landmarks and
extensive history through the eyes of the artists.

The collection provides varying interpretations of some of the city’s most recognisable scenes through a range of mediums
from watercolour and computer aided design, to vivid acrylics on canvas and intricate detailed drawings – all of which require more than a fleeting glance.

Organised into 13 sections, including Edinburgh Castle, the bridges, Calton Hill and the Scott Monument, the selection of pieces captures not only the majesty of the landmarks, but also the changing perspective influenced by season, weather, time, vantage point and perhaps the mood of the artist.

Not only does the assortment reflect the city’s antiquity, present day life is captured against the backdrop of her ancient architecture.

For those who call Edinburgh home or are familiar with the city, this compact compilation – which would have been even better in a larger format – will provide an alternative perspective to everyday sights, while the images work to entice strangers to these streets to visit.

Incorporated in the front and back pages is a handy map to guide visitors and tourists to the key sites featured through its pages and links to the web pages of the contributing artists are also provided.

This hard-backed book is a lovely keepsake to flick through or ponder over once in a while, to help recapture the mood of a stroll through this glorious city.

The Edinburgh Art Book, by Emma Bennett, published by UIT Cambridge, £14.99

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