A gripping read for those who love a mystery

William A Graham’s debut crime novel Vermin introduces a detective who takes on a missing person case that escalates into so much more.

The story takes place in Dundee, in homage to the author’s birthplace. Allan Linton is a self-employed private detective, helped by his associate Niddrie, who specialises in minor and insignificant cases.

However when he is offered a case with a hefty fee, he begins investigating the disappearance of schoolgirl Tina Lamont.

Shortly after Allan and his inexperienced associate take this mysterious case, a body is found and the investigation turns into a murder case.

Linton and his associates slowly realise that they might have bitten off more than they can chew as they find out they are not the only ones searching for the truth behind the schoolgirl’s disappearance.

This engaging story marks a thoroughly commendable debut from Graham, whose name we are sure to hear more of.

This is a gripping read for those who love mystery and crime dramas.

Vermin, by William A Graham, Black & White, £7.99.

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