A complete history of the beautiful town of Hawick

Hawick: A History From Earliest Times truly covers the history of Hawick, taking the reader right back to pre-history.

Alistair Moffat takes the narrative much further back into the mists of prehistory, to the time of the Romans, the coming of the Angles and the Normans.

He recounts how Hawick got its name, where the old village stood, who the early barons of Hawick were and then charts the amazing rise of the textile trade, bringing the story right up to the present day.

Beneath the familiar streets and closes lies an immense story – the remarkable and unique story of Hawick. If this book shows anything, it shows that Hawick has changed radically over the many centuries since people began to live between the Slitrig and the Teviot.

All that experience in one place has created and invented much and the future will turn for the better for a simple reason.

This book is written with obvious love for and great knowledge of this Borders town. It’s hard to disagree with the author’s conclusion – Hawick’s greatest invention is her people.

Hawick: A History From Earliest Times, by Alistair Moffat, published by Birlinn, £14.99

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