A celebration of countryside mysteries

John Wright clearly knows his stuff and his knowledge and enthusiasm come across clearly in this thoroughly engaging book.

A Spotters Guide to Countryside Mysteries will add to any time spent rurally or just outside, whether it be woods, fields or coast.

It asks and answers questions that you probably never thought of until you read the book, from detail about landscapes or weather, and through to flora and fauna.

Those familiar with best-selling author Tristan Gooley will recognise the format.

It’s an enjoyable and informative read. Wright writes with a nice touch of humour, while understanding and identifi cation are helped by the photos.

It’s more of a good read than a reference book, but any walk or forage will be more enjoyable with the knowledge imparted from this book.

In a time of Google and instant reference it’s lovely to spend time taking in some of the stories and situations he recounts. Sets the countryphiles apart from the country phoneys.

A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries, by John Wright, published by Profile Books, £16.99.

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