Be sensible with your drinking as the festive season arrives

Tis the season for pre-Christmas parties and glitzy balls – and this week is also Road Safety Awareness Week .

The latest research from Road Safety charity Brake shows, on average, 34 people are killed or seriously injured every week on Scotland’s roads.

In 2018, 161 people were killed and 1,582 were seriously injured – with an 11% increase in road crash deaths on the previous year.

Businesses across the country have been encouraged to set a good example by creating a safe environment for road users.

Amongst those taking part are KwikFit and Specsavers who are offering free vehicle safety checks and a virtual reality driving experience to highlight the importance of good eyesight for driving.

Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant in the Merchant City has a buy one get one free offer on its Krombacher non alcoholic beer for those who pre-book through their website at – in a bid to discourage drink driving.

Book Week Scotland have advertised getting Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission books for free for primary ones in schools while Road Safety Scotland is asking people to consider other road users and Drive Smart at an appropriate speed or environment and conditions.

A UK wide survey of 2000 adults highlighted that nearly a third of adults were in a collision or had a near miss with a vehicle on our roads in the past year.

Road safety campaigners believe these incidents mean people think the streets aren’t safe or welcoming and hold them back from walking or cycling – modes of transport which can reduce the danger for others.

Choosing to leave the car at home, pledging to be a safe driver, observing speed limits and never driving under the influence of drink or drugs, can all have a positive impact.

Schoolchildren, community groups and employees across the country will be taking part in learning and events over the week.

Here’s some other Road Safety facts.

Did you know that most drugs can stay in your system for days – traces of some drugs will still show up in blood tests after 4-5 days #DriveSmart, don’t take drugs and drive.

Drug driving can land you with a 12 month ban, criminal record, £5,000 fine, up to 6 months in prison. #DriveSmart, don’t take drugs and drive.

Speed impacts on stopping distance – The stopping distance at 20 miles per hour is three car length and the stopping distance at 30 miles per hour is six car lengths.