Whisky for hair loss: does it really work?

As surprising as this may see, whisky has more uses than giving you some of the most horrific hangovers known to man.

In fact, it has many benefits related to beauty; such as dealing with particularly oily skin, or hair loss.

Remember – whisky is a drink primarily based on grain, generally containing corn, wheat or barley as a primary component. Sure, people have known that fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, and thus the drinks based on them, have a positive effect on one’s hair and skin. But most people aren’t aware of how good whisky is for these types of situations as well. 

And believe us, if you want whisky to become a routine part of your beauty regime, that won’t be too difficult at all. If you’re not a particular whisky drinker, obviously you may not have it lying around the house. But that’s the only ingredient you may need to buy for proper hair treatment.

Most of the other stuff is something most of us already have around the house, or can get easily outside. With the right recipes, you can make mixtures based on whisky – perfect for treating your hair and nourishing your skin. Indeed, you’ll find the former allows for faster re-growth of fallen hair, as well as a long-term improvement in hair quality. With that in mind, take a look at these benefits of whisky that you didn’t know about!

Handling Oily Skin

There are many reasons why oily skin can be a nuisance. Not only does it result in acne on your face and body if not treated; but it can also produce the same issues on your scalp. And having untreated acne on your head will undoubtedly make the application of any hair growth solution more difficult. Don’t worry, though – whisky has plenty of properties that can aid you with this common issue. 

Sure, whisky can give you quite a hangover due to dehydration if you drink too much of it. But on the other hand, it’s great as a skincare solution for oily skin; mostly due to its antiseptic properties. Remember – acne appear due to buildups of excess oil. But if you apply a whisky-based solution we’ll provide you with here, you’ll find that any sort of inflammation will be more than easily soothed. The alcohol found in the whisky will do away with any dirt and bacteria. So, just mix two whisky teaspoons with a couple of drops of lemon juice. Treat your scalp and face with this mixture, and you will find it hugely beneficial!

Hair Re-growth

If you take a look at all of the hair and skin treatments you can use whisky for; you’ll find that it doesn’t just facilitate stronger hair. Many people look for ways to stimulate new hair growth – and the solution we’re about to present you with does just that! First, take some olive oil and warm it up; but not too much, nothing near boiling point. Then, take an egg yolk and mix it all up with a single whiskey teaspoon. Once you stir long enough, you’ll get a nice mask to apply to your scalp. And best of all, this will work well enough for someone who’s already got a bald head too!

Though, make sure you apply it correctly; first of all, spread the mixture evenly across your head. Then, wrap your head in plastic, and put something over it to apply pressure; like a scarf or a towel. After that, leave this concoction on your head for around an hour. Once that’s done, you can proceed to wash it all off. And bear in mind – though most people use this treatment once a day, you can do it as much as you want; seeing as it’s done with completely natural and beneficial materials!


As we’ve mentioned before, whisky dehydrates you in more ways than one. If you’re worried about your skin ageing badly, there’s no need to with the home-produced cream we’re about to recommend. First, separate an egg white, and mix it with two spoons of whisky. Then, add a spoon of powdered milk to this, and proceed to stir. Once it’s all joined together nicely into one consistent mixture, apply it to your face. Then, leave it on for some time, and wash it all off using cold water. 

You’d be amazed at just how beneficial this mixture is; it will prevent lines from appearing on your head, and reduce pores as well. You’ll have shiny, young-looking skin to go along with your newly refreshed hair. 

Hair Conditioning

Apart from all this, whisky can also be utilised as a hair conditioner, if you want it to look particularly shiny; but also healthier in the long term as well. To prepare this home-made hair conditioner, just mix whisky with an egg, stir it well – and apply it to your hair. You can wash this mixture off after about a quarter of an hour, as usual.

Dealing With Hair Loss

As you can see from above, there are plenty of ways in which whisky can be a major use to you when it comes to hair loss. However, bear in mind that these natural remedies, while useful, shouldn’t be your only reaction to this problem. If you notice any major and/or sudden hair loss, definitely make sure to consult a general practitioner as soon as possible. Your GP will provide you with medical remedies that you can use in tandem with the whisky-based natural solutions we’ve suggested, for maximum effect!