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Warning over plan for high street botox injections

A leading Scots aesthetic nurse is warning patients to choose wisely when it comes to picking a practitioner for botox and dermal filler treatments.

The message comes from Jackie Partridge, co-founder and clinical director of Edinburgh’s award-winning Dermal Clinic, following the recent announcement by Superdrug that a botox and fillers service would be offered to customers in its flagship London store.

If proven to be a successful venture, the treatments will be made available in the high street chain nationwide.

Jackie, who is a strong advocate for safe practice and regulation of the industry, believes that this announcement should encourage patients to seriously consider the qualifications and experience of their practitioner before undertaking any facial augmentation.

Jackie said: ‘When making a change, even just a minor enhancement, it’s so important that the client understands the process and feels as though they are making the best decision for them.

‘They should feel safe in the knowledge that qualified, experienced practitioners are leading their treatment, with results to match their high level of professionalism.

Jackie Partridge from Edinburgh’s Dermal Clinic (Photo: Wullie Marr/HPR)

‘The ready availability of these treatments – now on the high street – should not discourage clients from being vigilant.

‘If carried out incorrectly, results can be uneven or unnatural looking and can sometimes leave lasting issues.

‘A good practitioner will carry out a full medical consultation prior to the treatment to discuss any relevant medical history and advise on the best way to achieve your desired results. They should also be fully insured and regulated.’

Jackie’s expertise and influence has seen her work alongside the Scottish Government on the regulation of aesthetic clinics, and lead training days and masterclasses for her industry peers.

Her work has also been recognised with a number of prestigious awards and she is a member of dermatology giant Galderma’s Global Nurse Faculty.

Founded in 2007 by Jackie and her husband Jarrod, Dermal Clinic offers a range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments in the heart of Morningside in Edinburgh.

The clinic holds the title of being the first establishment to be listed with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Scottish regulatory body for independent clinics.

Jackie added: ‘At Dermal Clinic, we strongly believe in totally safe and regulated practice to produce naturally beautiful results.

‘We are given a level of responsibility as practitioners, so we must do all we can to maintain exceptionally high standards.’