Review: The Edinburgh Facial at Dr David Jack

With a clinic on Harley Street and one in Belgravia already there’s certainly been a wee frisson of excitement surrounding the opening of Dr David Jack’s new cosmetic skin clinic in the heart of the New Town. And never one to pass up the chance to find out what all of the fuss is about I happily skipped off to his Howe Street howff after a long day at the office. The exterior is modest, but walking into reception feels very much like being welcomed into a luxurious townhouse. There’s a lot of velvet and cushions, and it feels very far removed from the stark interior style favoured by many aesthetics clinics.

I’m here to experience the Cryo Collagen Facial Treatment, AKA ‘The Edinburgh Facial’. It is currently unique to the Edinburgh clinic, but such is its popularity that it is being rolled out in London too. As I chat at length to my therapist, the lovely Cat, who is happy to listen to me bang on about my rosacea and wrinkles, she also explains in detail each step of the treatment so that I’m able to relax completely without fear of any unexpected surprises.

The treatment is designed to firm, lift and brighten the skin and Cat explains that it is versatile enough to be suitable for any type of skin. And best of all, there is no downtime. Chatting about my skin concerns enables her to tailor the treatment and Dr Jack’s own products to make sure I get the most out of it.

Tucked up on the comfy table I’m already feeling relaxed and happy as Cat begins the gentle exfoliation stage. This is essential to remove dead skin cells and traces of make-up, but as per my sensitive skin its being done with the mildest products and a gentle touch. Following the exfoliation my skin is primed and ready to receive the bespoke blended peel.

For anyone who might be concerned by the thought of a ‘peel’, while this combination of lactic, mandelic and azelaic acid effectively refresh the skin allowing the products to penetrate more deeply, they feel a little like applying a facemask. There is some mild tingling, but it causes no irritation, even to my sensitive skin.

Next, the red algae oxygen treatment stimulates circulation to help nourish the skin and improve its ability to rejuvenate. This also effectively helps to smooth, brighten and even out skin tone.

Finally, a high-pressure cryotherapy treatment is applied, which feels a little like having air puffed all over your face. It’s not unpleasant in the slightest and I remain in a state of complete relaxation as Cat finishes off the treatment with Dr Jack’s award-winning skincare products.
Cat recommends that I go home and relax for the evening, and I’m more than happy to follow her expert advice. I find myself overwhelmingly grateful when she also recommends that I don’t do my usual bedtime skincare routine in order to let Dr Jack’s products do their thing overnight.

I leave with my skin feeling hydrated and looking calm and bright. Cat had focussed her attention on the areas of my face that gave me the most cause for concern and this certainly paid dividends along my jawline and chin area, which look firmer and more contoured.

Dr David Jack’s Cryo Collagen Treatment costs £250 and is available at:
Dr David Jack, 19 Howe Street, EDINBURGH EH3 6TE
Tel: 0131 556 8178


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