A travel retail whisky trio with different cask finishes

Whyte & Mackay Travel Retail has revealed three new, permanent global travel retail exclusive additions from its prestigious single malt brand, The Dalmore.

They were announced at the recent TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.

The three new expressions – The Trio, The Quartet and The Quintet – feature a three-cask, four-cask and 5-five cask finish respectively, and are inspired by the iconic single malt whisky King Alexander III which, with its pioneering six-cask finish, showcases The Dalmore’s unbroken vision to pioneering exquisite cask curation.

They will be available on GTR shelves from July 2020, with airport retail store activations planned from September 2020.

Details of the new expressions are as follows:

The Trio (1 litre, RSP £69.99) has three cask finishes of first fill ex-bourbon, 10 Year Old Tawny Port and 30 Year Old Matusalem sherry. This captivating whisky has a flavour profile of ripe plums and berries with hints of sweet spices.

Meanwhile, The Quartet (1 litre, RSP £84.999) is refined and fragrant. Finished in four casks -first fill ex-bourbon, 30 Year Old Matusalem sherry, 30 Year Old Apostoles sherry and Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a rich flavour profile of red grapes and juicy raisins with whispers of chocolate and liquorice.

The Quintet (70cl, RSP £99.99) boasts a five cask finish in casks that previously held sweet and rare Moscatel, Malmsey Madeira, 30 Year Old Matusalem sherry, 10 Year Old Port and Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon. With flavours of exotic fruits drenched in maple syrup and coffee notes this single malt is a majestic drinking experience.

The packaging of The Trio, The Quartet and The Quintet has been designed to highlight the premium quality of The Dalmore, with a larger, more prominent metallic Royal Stag emblem adorning each bottle – The Dalmore’s iconic graphic device. This will maximise stand out of the bottles on travel retail shelves.

Although not a GTR exclusive, the six-cask finish King Alexander III expression, which boasts a unique assemblage of six exquisitely curated cask finishes, is already available in travel retail (70cl, RSP £180). It is the hero of The Dalmore range, and features refreshed packaging with a larger stag logo, enhanced box and premium minimalist design.

Whyte & Mackay director of global travel retail Richard Trimby said: ‘The Dalmore brand is growing from strength to strength. It is now the No. 5 single malt whisky by volume in GTR, with its value increasing by 950% between 2010 and 2018.

‘Travel Retail remains a major focus for The Dalmore and we are continuing to invest in innovation to reinforce its positioning at the apex of Malt Whisky, to drive value growth for our customers and offer travel retail exclusives that attract passengers in to store.

‘Consumers are often looking to discover new products in travel retail, so innovation is key to driving growth. We are confident that this new travel retail collection from The Dalmore will spark consumer interest and drive penetration, conversion and spend.

‘To achieve our ambition to establish The Dalmore at the apex of malt, we will continue to invest in visibility opportunities in prestige locations around the world, where we will showcase our rare and exclusive editions. Meanwhile highly-trained brand ambassadors will communicate our brand story of exquisite cask curation.”

‘We’re really excited to reveal these great tasting and great looking GTR exclusives from The Dalmore in Cannes. They will reinforce our luxury single malt whisky credentials and are sure to add to the great momentum for the brand overall in travel retail.’

For more information visit www.TheDalmore.com