Would you give the deep fried Creme Egg a go?

In Scotland, if something is nice, sweet and tasty, the chances are we’ll cover it in batter and deep fry it!

Just when you thought a Cadbury’s Creme Egg couldn’t get any better (or gooier), along comes the deep-fried creme egg.

Bertie’s Restaurant and Bar on Victoria Street in Edinburgh will be rolling out the egg-stremely special deep-friend creme eggs over the Easter weekend in the Scottish capital.

The popular fish and chips restaurant have also put together various suggestions on how to eat the deep-fried delicacy, whether it’s crack it open and pour it into the mouth, use a spoon, dip a chip, or simply pop it in all in one!

So would you try a deep-fried version of the iconic chocolate? The deep fried creme eggs will be available as part of Bertie’s dessert offerings and priced at £5.95 including a side of chocolate sauce, Candy floss and ice cream.

Bertie’s General Manager, Leandro Crolla said: ‘Easter is going to be a choc-fest for plenty of people and at Bertie’s we wanted to introduce the latest deep fried craze to our customers.

‘Since opening in December we have become Edinburgh’s most popular fish and chip restaurant and its only right that over Easter, deep fried creme eggs are available on our menu.’

Bertie’s deep-fried creme eggs are available for one week only from today (Thursday) until Thursday 25 April.

Bookings for Bertie’s Restaurant and Bar are now open.