Oban Old Teddy - Bottle Carton Shot

Three generations of craftsmanship marked by whisky

Oban Distillery has unveiled a limited edition single malt Scotch whisky inspired by the unique and personal stories of the MacLean family.

Oban Old Teddy celebrates 66 years of MacLean family service at the distillery and highlights the expertise and dedication passed on from three generations. The MacLean legacy is Oban: both small and great.

The legacy began in 1953 with Old Teddy, a first-generation master distiller and custodian of the cask. Old Teddy’s wisdom, dedication and fine artisan skills were inherited by his son, Young Teddy, who joined in 1985. Grandson Derek followed in 2017 and still works at the distillery to this day.

Skilfully crafted to deliver a delightful balance of distillery character and cask influence, Oban Old Teddy is available from July 2019 – with only 3,960 bottles that will be exclusively available to purchase at the distillery. Oban Old Teddy will retail at RSP £150 per 70cl bottle and is bottled at 51.7% ABV.

Grandson Derek MacLean, senior operator at Oban said: ‘This unique bottling is a celebration of our heritage and pays homage to my grandfather, whose fine craftmanship has been preserved in the heart and soul of the distillery at Oban. This bottling is inspired by Old Teddy’s warm and gentle nature, physical strength and pride as dedicated maltster. It is a dram he would be proud of.’

Nestled between ancient cliffs and the sea, Oban Distillery distils in small lantern-shaped copper pot stills that are among the smallest in Scotland, and still uses traditional worm tubs that impart a unique distillery character.

Only seven employees make Oban whisky, meaning every drop of whisky is made by just 14 hands.