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The power of the Picts is behind new gin

A new Scottish gin powered by the spirit of the Picts has been launched this week.

Theodore is inspired by the ancient tribe that once settled near the brand’s home in the Northern Highlands.

Not much is known about the Picts, but that sense of mystery has inspired the creation of this new spirit.

The body-painted warriors are alleged to have travelled from as far as Scythia and Scandinavia to settle amidst the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands. The only traces of this lost tribe, famed for their courage and craftsmanship are echoed in the art, engravings and forgotten fortresses of Scotland.

The gin takes its name from Theodore de Bry, a 16th century engraver who brought the Picts to life through his art. While he had never met a Pict, his representations powerfully captured their intrepid identity.

Using a medley of botanicals that the Picts may have encountered on their travels, the gin forges links between ancient legends and the world we live in today.

Featuring 16 botanicals, including pomelo, pine, damask rose, honey and oolong tea, Theodore Gin is a fresh and elegant gin with a floral heart and warm, rich finish. It is Scottish by birth and Pictish by nature.

Following the limited edition batch, Theodore Gin will be the first spirit produced at the new Ardross Distillery, which will be in operation from autumn 2019. Set in a remote location, deep in the Scottish highlands, the distillery will be housed within the ruins of a 19th century farmhouse.

Crafted by two Master Distillers – one French and one English – with guidance from olfactory expert and perfume designer, Barnabé Fillion, the first limited edition batch of Theodore is the result of a meeting of worlds.

Mentored by Christine Nagel – the nose at Hermès – Barnabé has brought a contemporary, Pictish approach to the distilling process.

Theodore’s initial top note is of elegant, citric pomelo and crisp pine needles that evoke the scent of fresh grass. As the top notes give way, honey ushers in a floral heart of Damask rose and oolong tea.

Inspired by Theodore de Bry’s drawings, Theodore Gin followed in his footsteps by commissioning their own Pictish illustrations, which meant it was only right to give him some credit.

Theodore Gin is presented in a beautiful bespoke bottle and box, which features the artwork of the Picts and the 16 botanicals that were commissioned from illustrator Carlotta Saracco.

Founder Barth Barthelemy Brosseau, said: ‘We have collaborated with an eclectic team of individuals who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields to create something special. While not much is known for sure about the Picts, we enjoy that sense of mystery.

‘Their magnificent body-paint and talent as craftsmen may seem at odds with their alleged fierce nature, but we appreciate this inherent duality. Theodore pays tribute to this dualism with a bold and characterful gin that embodies the Pictish spirit and it is for anyone who is looking to whet a curious appetite.’

Theodore Gin is available to buy now for £39.95 RRP or £45 RRP with gift box from The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt and DrinkSupermaket.

Theodore Gin is also available to enjoy in leading bars and restaurants including The Gibson, Disrepute, 64th& Social, The Curtain, Frenchie and Anglian Country Inns.

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