Set the Timer: A Boozy Banana Bread Recipe Worth Instagramming

There’s no doubt that Instagram feeds are currently flooded with banana bread galore and it is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So, whether you have hopped onto the trend already or are yet to dabble, Aldi has a berry appealing recipe that shoppers won’t want to miss.

If you fancy indulging in something boozi-ful and sweet, Aldi’s Triple ‘B’ Banana Bake is straight forward and easy to make with the key ingredients of Bananas, Blueberries and Booze! A scRUMptious choice ideal to whip up in the afternoon, before catching up with friends via Zoom and showing the result on the ‘gram.

Looking for the perfect tipple to serve with this trendy treat? Aldi’s Organic Prosecco (£7.99) makes for a refreshing and delicious pairing with this or a traditional Banana Bread recipe. Aldi’s full range of wine, spirits and ingredients are available nationwide and online now: