Carl Lavia's stunning artwork of Perth (Photo: Lorna Le Bredonchel)
Carl Lavia's stunning artwork of Perth (Photo: Lorna Le Bredonchel)

Perth is put in the picture – literally – by artist Carl

A breathtaking hand-drawn giant sketch of Perth is set to be unveiled.

Residents of the Fair City will soon be able to experience a unique perspective of Perth, in an intricately detailed and massive hand-drawn illustration, which will take the break away.

From a distance, the giant 3 metre by 1 metre sketch looks like an aerial map, but it’s when you get closer the magic begins.

You’ll begin to see familiar City structures hovering and disintegrating, suggesting the process of creation, collapse and re-creation, mirroring the rhythm of the city itself, a complex network of lines tying and unravelling, an urban landscape in perpetual, dynamic transformation.

The work by artist Carl Lavia is part of the nationwide Portrait of the UK project; an ambitious series of 69 hand-drawn cities from across the UK.

Carl Lavia’s stunning artwork of Perth (Photo: Lorna Le Bredonchel)

In 2016, Carl teamed up with photographer Lorna Le Bredonchel and the 69 Cities project was born.

During their epic road trip, Carl is sketching in large scale every single city within the UK, alongside Lorna who is documenting the entire process.

Each artwork takes between 2-4 months create, during which time they explore the city by foot, Carl making sketches and Lorna undertaking research and taking photographs.

The giant Perth sketch has already been purchased by collector Tony Banks. He said as soon as he saw it, he had to have it: ‘I am so impressed with the drawing and the thinking behind recreating each of Scotland’s cities in sketch. I got in touch as soon as I heard about it – I just had to nail it down.

‘I’m very proud to be Scottish and it was important to me that we kept the sketch in Perth, which is also home to Balhousie Care Group Head Office, with many of our care homes in the surrounding area. I’m really happy it will be in the Perth Museum and Art Gallery so it can be enjoyed by everyone, for free. I’ve never understood why private art collectors hide things away.’

Artist Carl Lavia and photographer Lorna Le Bredonchel

It’s also been confirmed the artwork will feature as the cover of a new book, Perth & Kinross: A Pocket Miscellany, by Trish Colton, due to be published at the end of January.

After Perth, the 69 Cities tour continues in Scotland, visiting Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The giant Portrait of Perth sketch will be on display in the Sculpture Court at the Perth Museum & Art Gallery on January 29 until October, when it will be relocated to AK Bell Library until the end of the year.

A spokesperson said: ‘Culture Perth and Kinross are delighted to have the opportunity to display this drawing of the City of Perth as part of the #69 Cities project. We hope it will help tell the story of Perth, adding new perspective to the city.’

You can follow the ’69 cities of the UK’ project via social media, @sketchnthecity, @Lebredonchel, #69cities. Contact Lorna to discuss partnership opportunities, licensing and commissions.

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