Kilchoman reveals its 2019 whisky club release

A Scotch whisky’s 2019 club release will be made available later this week.

Kilchoman’s is releasing a vatting of one oloroso sherry butt and three bourbon barrels filled between October 2006 and December 2007, bottled at cask strength, 54.3% abv.

Only 1242 bottles will be available via the Kilchoman website from noon on Thursday priced at £119.40 (including UK taxes).

Anthony Wills, Kilchoman founder and master distiller, said: ‘After quite a bit of deliberation I settled on a 50/50 vatting of bourbon and sherry maturation, the casks I chose range from 11 to 13 years old.

‘Since the first time I began blending Kilchoman casks I’ve felt that the best results were achieved by combining bourbon and sherry maturation.

‘On larger releases where I’m combining 20-40 casks I tend to use high proportions of bourbon maturation as most of our sherry casks are generally more rich than fruity. However with this year’s club bottling I sought out a particularly fruity sherry cask, this totally changes the dynamic of the vatting, removing the dominant dry sherry note and creating a more complex combination of stewed fruits which are offset beautifully by the caramel, citrus and more prominent peat smoke of the bourbon barrels.

‘Last year’s release sold out within a few days so we’d recommend setting a reminder for Thursday. To ensure that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to get their hands on a bottle we have limited members to one bottle per person.’

For more details visit HERE.