Kilchoman prepares to release latest in 100% range

A distillery is preparing for the release of Scotland’s only single farm single malt.

Kilchoman 100% Islay 9 is the latest edition in the distillery’s 100% Islay range.

Distilled from the 2007 and 2009 barley crops, the 9th edition is a vatting of 43 ex-bourbon barrels matured for over nine years in their on-site dunnage warehouses. Bottled at 50% abv, they will release a a total of 12,000 bottles which will hit shops from tomorrow, 12 September.

Kilchoman’s Peter Wills said: ‘Released annually since 2011, our 100% Islay range is distilled solely from barley grown in the distillery’s surrounding fields before the team malt, distil, mature and eventually bottled on site; an unmatched, unbroken chain of creation from barley to bottle.

‘With barley origins, varieties and farm distillers one of the industry’s hot topics, our 100% Islay range remains Scotland’s only single farm single malt. To avoid confusion; whilst many distillers might make whisky from barley grown on their land, in these instances the malting, maturation or bottling is done elsewhere.

‘The 9th Edition marks a return to the bourbon barrel maturation of previous 100% Islay releases. Last year’s 8th edition contained roughly 50% sherry maturation however my father, Anthony Wills, Kilchoman founder and master distiller, has decided to return to his trusted American oak casks for this year’s release.’

Anthony added: ‘Our 100% Islay spirit pairs seamlessly with ex-bourbon barrels. The lower peating level (20ppm) allows the natural floral sweetness of the spirit to shine through whilst a higher age profile adds layers of overripe tropical fruit and stewed plums whilst the high ABV makes it no lightweight. I’m delighted with how the 9th Edition has come together and as ever, I look forward to hearing people’s opinions.’

Kilchoman Distillery is a small family run farm distillery based on the rugged west coast of Islay. The distillery was established by Anthony in 2005, the idea was to build a new distillery which took whisky production back to its roots.

Anthony and wife Kathy have been joined by their three sons; George, James and Peter.

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