Fringe: Circus dance is a clever art form unto itself

My Land showcases the art form known as ‘cirque danse’, and that it most certainly is and more.

Under the precision mind of artistic director Bence Vagi and a thumping re-mix of Hungarian folk music the story of an earth goddess sowing land for reincarnation is wonderfully told.

Every asset is beautifully used, the performers talented in both acrobatics and dance strain every sinew of their well-honed bodies, the set consist of a sanded area where the performers can push the sand apart revealing up lighting and thereby creating an unexpected perspective of the dance sequences.

The acrobatics are graceful to watch without the slightest hint of the considerable danger should the performer mistime a movement. Vagi also utilises, to great effect of both noise and visual a reflective plastic sheet, again providing a new perspective on movement.

The mood lighting adds the final touches of brilliance to this performance.

This show is now an annual event at the Festival and looking at the packed house I hope it will continue to come to Edinburgh.

I marvel at the ability of this company to exceed the previous year’s production. This is as good as it gets for ‘cirque danse’, go and see it.

My Land, Assembly Rooms, Assembly, 7.30pm.

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