Fringe bar inviting punters to literally take a seat

Tens of thousands of people are expected to flock to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, meaning there will be hundreds of attendees for every bar stool.

But instead of letting punters stand, one Underbelly bar is not only guaranteeing them a seat, but letting them take it home with them, this weekend.

Nestled in Underbelly’s leafy George Square venue is one of its biggest attractions, The Woodsman Whisky Tipi – a fully stocked bar complete with deck chairs, chesterfield sofas, a crackling TV-campfire and 7ft bear cleverly named Woody The Bear.

But with a popular festival bar, comes the notorious struggle for a prime resting spot to enjoy a drink. Which is why, with hundreds expected to head to their tipi this weekend, The Woodsman decided to do something about it.

On Saturday 10 August, the first 20 people who attend The Woodsman Tipi between 4-6pm will be given the best seat in the bar – literally – because they’ve built limited edition stools to give away.

Carved exclusively for the 2019 festival, each of The Woodsman’s stools are individually hand-crafted, honed from scorched birch plywood and finished with the bottle’s distinctive logo engraved on top.

The sturdy stools are collapsible for easy transport – meaning festivalgoers can easily take their seat home. And for attendees who are heading to another show, The Woodsman will arrange delivery to their homes.

As well as being given the unique seats, the lucky attendees will be invited to enjoy a refreshing serve of The Woodsman in a VIP area of the bar – meaning they can unwind

Kenny Nicholson, head of Modern Spirits at Whyte & Mackay, said: ‘Navigating your way through the biggest arts festival in the world is thirsty work and we all know the frustration of having to stand in a crowded bar. Which is why The Woodsman have hand-built these wooden stools, giving attendees a comfortable seat to sip a delicious whisky cocktail on.

‘What better way to enjoy some down time this weekend than with your own limited-edition seat? And the best part is, they’re free to take home. No need to ask if this seat is taken because it can be – by you.’

The Woodsman has woodcraft at its heart – from its maturation process to its premium packaging.

It has an ABV of 40% and is matured using a mix of freshly-built oak casks from Ohio, which gives it a hint of vanilla and spice and ex-Bourbon barrels double-scorched in Scotland for an extra depth, adding more vanilla sweetness and a hint of woodsmoke.

Recommended serves for the new whisky include a Maple Syrup Old Fashioned, a Woodsman & Ginger Beer, or simply mixing with cola.