Dunphail Distillery appoints its director of whisky creation

The new Dunphail Distillery has appointed Matt McKay as the distillery’s director of whisky creation and outreach.

Matt, who has previously been closely involved with the development and promotion of London’s Bimber Distillery, will take up the newly-created position in March.

Dunphail Distillery aims to shift the perceptions of what Scotch can be – crafting the finest spirits the way they used to be made through time-honoured processes such as on-site floor maltings, long fermentations and direct-fired distillations.

Matt joins the distillery in a varied role which will see him working alongside founder and master distiller Dariusz Plazewski to define and develop Dunphail’s wood policy, create and manage the site’s cask inventory and shape the profile and quality of all spirits bottled under the Dunphail Distillery brand.

In addition, Matt will manage the production of whiskies sourced from the finest distilleries across the world for a new independent bottling operation, the details of which will soon be announced. He will also lead on all marketing and communications activities for both Dunphail and Bimber (as director of marketing and communications).

Matt McKay

Dariusz said: ‘Over the last two and a half years, Matt has become an integral part of our team. His passion, knowledge, palate and pursuit of excellence marks him out as a rising star in the whisky world and it is therefore my great pleasure to welcome him into this new role supporting both the creation and the promotion of world-class whiskies.’

Matt has been a leading voice in whisky communication for a number of years, writing the popular website He holds the IBD General Certificate in Distilling and is a Founding Chartered Practitioner and Chartered Assessor at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Matt said: ‘It is a great privilege to be appointed as Director of Whisky Creation and Outreach for Dunphail Distillery. I am truly excited to have the opportunity to explore my passion for cask experimentation and to be able to develop and deliver new exceptional whiskies.

‘I’m honoured to be continuing to work alongside Dariusz and to assist with defining and developing what we believe will in time become an iconic distillery house style.’

The firm believe in the importance of high-quality barley and the use of onsite traditional floor malting and kilning ensures that Dunphail’s spirit is a product of uniqueness, shaped by generations of rich distilling heritage.

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