DOSCA take the top spot at TradFest 2017 Battle of the Folk Bands

The penultimate night of TradFest 2017 saw DOSCA – one of Scotland’s most promising trad acts – reign victorious, after a panel of judges declared them the winners of the debut Battle of the Folk Bands competition. 

DOSCA – an energetic five-piece ensemble of bagpipes, flute, guitar, bass and drums – had stiff competition from HECLA, The Iona Fyfe Band, Tradosaurus and TRIP.  But the judging panel, made up of five musical powerhouses including Ross Ainslie and Joy Dunlop, crowned them winners, before acclaimed musician and composer, Jim Sutherland, presented them with a trophy. 

As well as the prestigious title, DOSCA’s prize includes a day’s recording at Caribou recordings, along with the chance to perform at various festivals including the world-renowned Celtic Connections, TradFest and The Skye Festival. 

Hands Up for Trad exists to promote Scottish traditional music through education, information and advocacy to artists, participants and audiences and continue to be at the forefront of providing highly visible platform, helping to nurture young talent. The organisation is supported by Creative Scotland, the development body for the arts and creative industries in Scotland.

TradFest – organised by TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland), the national network for traditional arts – is a vibrant twelve-day showcase of live performances, walks, dances, exhibitions and street shows.

Both Hands Up for Trad and TradFest teamed up to stream the concert live via YouTube, allowing fans worldwide to tune in.

Event Founder and Hands Up for Trad Creative Director, Simon Thoumire, said: “I’d like to offer a huge congratulation to DOSCA, their performance on the night was just great.  I’d also like to thank everyone who entered our Battle of the Folk Band competition, the wealth of talent was outstanding but unfortunately, there could only be one winner.  At Hands Up for Trad, we’re passionate about helping support and nurture artists in the Scottish traditional music industry, and events like Battle of the Folk Bands give musicians a platform to showcase their talents.” 

Associate Director at TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland), David Francis, said: “TradFest is a proud supporter of the traditional arts, we always look forward to celebrating the vast array of talent Scotland is producing. Battle of the Folk Bands was a perfect way to end another hugely successful year of TradFest 2017 and well done to all that took part in the competition.”