Crerar Hotels CEO Chris Wayne-Wills outside the Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa.
(Photo: Robert Perry)
Crerar Hotels CEO Chris Wayne-Wills outside the Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa. (Photo: Robert Perry)

Demand for new Scottish road trip from staycationers

A brand-new road trip route introduced by Crerar Hotels in Scotland is picking up pace, with demand from staycationers ramping up within weeks of launching.

The Crerar450, which takes in all 450 miles between all seven of Crerar Hotels’ idyllic four- and- five-star properties, was specifically searched more than 3,000 times within a matter of weeks, whilst the hotel group received more than 500 enquiries around stays at multiple locations immediately following news of the new road trip.

Its popularity has prompted the hotel group to pledge savings to any guest staying at two or more of its locations during a single break – with 15% off the total cost of the booking.

The Crerar450 route starts and ends at Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa, and takes in some of Scotland’s most breath-taking scenery and iconic landmarks – including the Pap of Glencoe, the Great Glen, Loch Ness and the Balmoral Estate, to name just a few – as well as outstanding local cuisine and unique character.

The route even has its own dedicated Spotify playlist to soundtrack the road trip, featuring bands and artists as iconic as the stops along the route.

Crerar Hotels CEO Chris Wayne-Wills outside the Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa.
(Photo: Robert Perry)

Chris Wayne-Wills, CEO of Crerar Hotels, said: ‘When we launched the Crerar450, we were confident it could rival the North Coast 500 but didn’t expect demand and enquiries to come in so thick and fast.

‘We’re definitely seeing a trend of staycationers from Scotland and across the UK looking to pack as much as possible into their breaks – particularly as many are taking longer holidays in lieu of the usual summer fortnight abroad.

‘That’s why we decided to extend this exclusive offer to any guest staying at more than one of our properties in a single trip. We want travellers to experience the best in authentic Scottish hospitality alongside truly unique experiences, the finest food and wine and some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offer.’

Chris Taylor, regional leadership director at VisitScotland, said: ‘With our own research showing staycations being the focus for many this summer, the creation of innovative experiences by the industry is welcome and it is encouraging to hear the response to this route, especially when the hotel sector has been severally impacted by the pandemic.

Thainstone House in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

‘Our latest marketing campaign is inspiring new and repeat visitors to experience some of the things they have missed most this past year – days out, family get-togethers and holidays – and the Crerar450 feeds into this narrative of getting visitors out and about to explore our wonderful and diverse regions, spreading the tourism benefits far and wide.

‘Tourism is a force for good and sustains communities in every corner of Scotland, creates jobs, tackles depopulation and improves the wellbeing of everyone who experiences it. VisitScotland continues to work with, and support, businesses to ensure we rebuild this vital part of Scotland’s economy.’

The Crerar450 route starts and ends at Inveraray, going via Oban, Isle of Mull, Glencoe, Nairn, Inverurie and Ballater. Search ‘Crerar450’ on Spotify for the accompanying playlist.

For more information on Crerar Hotels, visit and to take advantage of the 15% booking across multiple hotel bookings, call 01855 811 245.