Clever new artworks go on rotational display

A series of innovative new artworks is now being displayed on the Stepping In Screen at Aberdeen’s Music Hall.

All three commissions explore the world around us from the micro to the macro through creative technology. They were co-commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund with investment from Creative Scotland.

The first to be commissioned is ‘Invisible Landscapes of Music’ by Susanna Murphy and Cristina Spiteri from Bright Side Studios. Bright Side Studios specialise in designing immersive experiences that connect people with stories and spaces, and have collaborated with ASCUS Art and Science on
this commission.

‘Invisible Landscapes of Music’ is a unique insight to the microscopic landscapes that lie beneath the surface of the musical world, including extreme close ups and interiors of musical instruments. Visitors can directly interact with the works via the free to download Zappar app.

This will be followed by ‘You Are Here’ by Sam Healy and Brendan McCarthy from Ray Interactive. Ray Interactive is an art and design studio that specialises in interactive experiences with an emphasis on bespoke creative coding. Their portfolio includes device art, immersive expanded cinema events and an ever curious collection of creative technology experiments.

In ‘You Are Here’, a map of the stars directly above the Music Hall is updated live as time passes, and the fleeting presence of visitors generates unique abstract animations. By taking this stellar data set, and a computer algorithm called reaction/diffusion, they literally bring the heavens alive.

The third commission is entitled ‘Assembly’ by Charles Young, who is best known for his project ‘Paperholm’, where he designed, made, photographed and animated one tiny model building each day out of watercolour paper for one thousand days. His work explores ideas around the perception of space, imagination and memory. In this new series of HD animations, he has made a paper model of the neighbourhood that surrounds the Music Hall to show the neighbourhood from various angles and at different scales. This base of the existing city has then been added to with a layer of invented structures and occupations that are bound to delight.

Jane Spiers, chief executive of Aberdeen Performing Arts, said: ‘One of the most powerful things about art is the ability to show us familiar things in a new light, and from a different perspective. These new works do just that.

‘We are so lucky to have this digital art space at the Music Hall which allows us to give a platform to these inspirational artists and showcase these innovative, exciting works.

‘All three commissions will be on display in three weekly cycles until March 2020, so there will be plenty of time to check them all out.’