Busting sea myths and legends at weekend event

Mermaids, krakens, sirens, selkies; the sea has inspired tales of fantastical creatures and monsters that have been passed down the generations for hundreds of years.

Macduff Marine Aquarium will be exploring murky tales of old during a special Aquarium by Night event on the evening of Saturday 16 November. The aquarium will be opening its doors after dark, to delve into the realm of monsters, folklore and the origins of these sea stories, with the exciting Busting Sea Myths show.

For those who have ever wondered about sea monsters, this is a night not to be missed!

The unique event will see culture, storytelling and literature come together with natural history and science to explore how sea myths started, were perpetuated and live on, even to this day.

Local storyteller Pauline Cordiner will be bringing to life the tales of our favourite mysterious beasts of the deep,
and teaming up with the aquarium’s own learning officer, Marie Dare, for a sprinkling of marine science.

Marie said: ‘The oceans have always held a special fascination for us landlubbers and tales of sea monsters exist in cultures all around the world.

‘The oceans are still largely unexplored and new species are frequently discovered so who knows what mysteries are still hidden within its depths.

‘While we hope to dispel people’s fear of sea monsters, we would like visitors to leave with a sense of wonder at the diversity and vastness of the oceans.’

The event will run from 4.30-6.30pm. There will be a treasure hunt with a real treasure reward at the end for those with enough pluck to complete it. There will also be a make and take monster printing station – as well as the
chance to see the aquarium in a whole new light.

The Busting Sea Myths show will run at 5pm and again at 5.45pm. Space in the shows is limited so visitors are encouraged to pre-book their tickets by calling or emailing the aquarium at 01261 833 369 or email macduff.aquarium@aberdeenshire.gov.uk .

One of the top visitor attractions in North East Scotland, Macduff Marine Aquarium is owned and operated by Live Life Aberdeenshire and welcomes around 50,000 visitors per year.

For more details visit www.livelifeaberdeenshire.org.uk