Bladnoch Distillery to auction rare whisky for charity

Bladnoch Distillery has announced that one rare bottle of their Sample Room Reserve whisky will be released for a charity auction.

It will be sold through Whisky Bull Auctions with the distillery matching the final bid and all proceeds going to charity.

The first edition bottle comes from owner David Prior’s personal collection, having received Bottle 03 of 40 at the end of the last financial year as a special release by master distiller, Dr Nick Savage, to commemorate the distillery’s annual achievements.

A celebration of the year passed, each of Bladnoch’s 40 current employees received their own personal bottle of Sample Room Reserve, featuring a hand-signed label that tells the story of the team’s successes and challenges overcome in the 12 months prior and expresses gratitude for those who made it all possible.

The liquid is a unique blend of aged Bladnoch Single Malts that Dr Savage created from archived samples from his sample room. No bottles of Sample Room Reserve were released to the wider public for sale.

Bladnoch Distillery’s owner and CEO, David Prior said: ‘As the bottling is not for sale and a number of dedicated Bladnoch fans enquired about purchasing one, I am pledging my personal bottle No. 03 / 40 through a charity auction.

‘We will match the final bid and donate the raised money to the Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association whose work is more important and appreciated now than ever.’

The bottle will be released on auction through WhiskyBull.com on Thursday, of August 12, with bidding closing on Sunday, August 15.

Find out more about Bladnoch Distillery at www.bladnoch.com.