A live rock concert for young moshers aged 5+

It’s never too soon to break out the Clash, never too late to be submerged in the Beatles. And in between, float on Air, glide with Hardy and strut to the Strokes!

Join Belgium’s Lio, Brice, Dan and Caesar (members of Girls in Hawaii, Hallo Kosmo and Italian Boyfriend) on bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals and drums on a true rock awakening for kids aged 5+ and any nostalgic adults.

Featuring classic indie covers alongside Comète’s own irresistible compositions, this is an unforgettable full live concert that will have young audiences immersed in the full gig experience- clapping, dancing and even screaming before the clock has struck noon.

Lionel Vancauwenberge, Compagnie Dérivation, said: ‘Our show allows children to live a real concert, so that they discover and experience pop rock music through experimentation rather than evocation.

‘To show (by putting the children in visual contact with the different instruments that characterize rock music: the drums, the bass, the electric guitar, the keyboards), to hear, to feel the power of music.’

Venue: Assembly Checkpoint

Dates: 31 July – 26 August 10.30am (50 mins) (Not Tue 8/13) £11/£10