Salmon in river

A celebration of the salmon – king of fish

The Atlantic Salmon is Scotland’s most iconic fish and the journey it makes from its native rivers to the ocean and back again is one of nature’s greatest stories.

But the salmon faces an uncertain future and, to mark the International Year of Salmon, Macduff Marine Aquarium is joining up with the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Trust this summer to host two events celebrating the King of Fish.

Over their lifetime, salmon migrate thousands of kilometres from upland Scottish streams to the seas off Greenland and back to the same river they started from.

For thousands of years, these remarkable fish have shaped the lives of people as they journeyed to and from their breeding grounds.

Over the millennia, salmon have been an important food source from the rivers and sea and have influenced our history and culture. For decades debates have been raging around salmon fishing and farming in any country with a salmon fishery.

Various factors have affected the wild salmon stocks over the years and it’s clear that wild Atlantic Salmon now need to be considered within a conservation context as the stock levels decline. Last year saw the lowest levels of catches ever reported in Scotland.

As wild salmon stocks levels continue to fall there is growing concern that we are approaching the point of no return for the species. 2019 is the International Year of the Salmon (IYS), an initiative to inform and stimulate awareness and research to ensure the resilience of salmon and their habitats.

To celebrate the IYS, the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Trust is teaming up with Macduff Marine Aquarium in Aberdeenshire to deliver two exciting events.

There will also be a very special evening event Swimming Upstream at the aquarium on Thursday 26 September from 6.30-9.30pm. This evening with local salmon experts will feature talks about the past, present and future of salmon fishing in Scotland and exciting footage of rarely seen salmon behaviours – plus the chance to explore the aquarium after hours and chat with salmon scientists. Numbers are limited for this event and booking is recommended. Normal aquarium entry prices apply to both events.

One of the top visitor attractions in North East Scotland, Macduff Marine Aquarium is owned and operated by Live Life Aberdeenshire and welcomes around 50,000 visitors per year. Open since 1997, the aquarium features local marine life and aims to promote awareness, enjoyment and stewardship of the Moray Firth marine environment.

To book for the Swimming Upstream event contact the aquarium on 01261 833369 or email