£35,000 Bowmore expression limited to just 339 bottles

Bowmore has unveiled the final whisky in its Vaults Series: an ‘ultra rare’ single malt from 1969.

The new launches showcases some of the rarest whiskies from the iconic Bowmore distillery on Islay, and bring a totally new aged expression to the global portfolio.

The collection includes the last in the highly successful 50-year-old vault series, the highly desired Bowmore 1969, as well as the exclusive 2021 releases of Bowmore 30-year-old and Bowmore 40-year-old.

David Turner, Bowmore Distillery manager, said: ‘These exquisite, aged and rare launches are a credit to the Bowmore portfolio and continue to drive our desire to produce highly revered products.

‘We have been able to showcase how vital time is to each individual vintage, how time spent in casks shape and influences each spirit, making it even more characterful. Each release tells the rich stories of Bowmore, but importantly have their own unique style and character.’

The final launch in the 50-year-old vaults series, Bowmore 1969 follows in the footsteps of the successful 1965, 1966 and 1964 releases. An extremely rare single malt, Bowmore 1969 has been meticulously nurtured over five decades. During this lengthy union between spirit and oak, a defining character has emerged, becoming increasingly richer as fruit and smoke flavours remain constant.

Bowmore 1969 has a RRP of £35,000, limited to just 339 bottles.

Bowmore 30-year-old was bottled in 2000 from vintage 1989 stock, this rare single malt whisky has been carefully nurtured for three decades in the finest Sherry hogsheads and Bourbon barrels. Selected from just two casks each year, this exceptional single malt embodies the last thirty years in the very core of its character.

With only 2,976 bottles available globally, Bowmore 30-year-old has a £2000 RRP.

Bowmore 40-year-old was the 2021 annual limited release, inspired by the art of time and the sea front location of the Bowmore Distillery, the colours and textures of Islay’s ancient stone and bleached .

Ideal for the collector and investor, this whisky is on a limited run of 159 bottles globally. This Bowmore 40-year-old has a £6750 RRP.

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