Water and Glasgow – Scotland’s river city

Water has played a pivotal role in the shaping of the city of Glasgow and its photogenic value is worth its weight in gold.

According to Confucius, the first and most important way to gain wisdom is through reflection. And the city of Glasgow certainly has a colourful and varied history to reflect upon.

From its foundation in the sixth century by the Christian missionary St Mungo; through the industrial revolution and shipbuilding on the mighty River Clyde, which made Glasgow one of the largest and richest cities in the world; on to the deindustrialisation and grinding depression which followed the Second World War; leading on to the urban decay and poverty of the 1970s and its eventual resurrection as a cosmopolitan city of culture in the 1980s.

This rebuilding of Glasgow’s image continues apace and the city’s architecture has played no small part in its regeneration.

This collection of images reflects a modern city with much to offer in the way of cutting-edge design and innovation.

Long may it remain that way.

(This feature was originally published in 2016)