The Chalet is ideal as it offers holidays for all

The Chalet, Holidays for All at West Meikle Pinkerton is the perfect example of farm diversification at its best.

Situated on a working farm in Dunbar on the east coast of Scotland, The Chalet began as an idea for a holiday chalet but this quickly grew into an idea for a chalet to accommodate people with disabilities so that everyone can access the countryside.

James and Kay Gilchrist applied for a farm diversification grant from Tyne Esk Leader and were overwhelmed at the amount of support they received to get this project on the market.

They were awarded a 50% grant which has allowed them to design and build their chalet to meet the needs of guests who struggle to find holiday accommodation with excellent facilities in a beautiful setting.

James and Kay wanted their guests to be able to have a relaxing holiday where they can enjoy the countryside and experience daily life on the farm.

The self-catering chalet comprises three bedrooms and can accommodate up to six guests. The master bedroom has a prism ceiling track hoist and two electric lift beds.

The kitchen has been adapted with a lowered worktop, oven and microwave, while the property also has a widened hall and low thresholds.

Outside there is a good parking area with ramps built into the deck so that guests have a relaxing stay without stress. Both James and Kay love seeing guests come into the farm to experience farm life and enjoy the local countryside, which
is not something that many people have the chance to do.

They are looking forward to the future and to welcoming their guests to life at West Meikle Pinkerton and have already received a five-star review on Euan’s Guide.

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