Spot our famous red squirrels in Wildlife Week

Nature lovers are being given the chance to spot Scotland’s beloved red squirrels this week.

With acres of thick woodlands, luscious gardens and island charm aplenty, the National Trust for Scotland’s Brodick Castle on Arran is the perfect backdrop for a nature-loving day out.

This Wildlife Week, 15-20 July, Brodick Country Park Rangers are running special events at their nature hide every day, giving visitors the chance to spot one of Scotland’s most treasured woodland animals – the red squirrel.

With brilliant views of the red squirrels from the squirrel hide, spotters will be able to discover more about the furry aerial acrobats, while waiting for them to make an appearance. Arran has a healthy red squirrel population and is a sanctuary for the beloved creatures where they can roam free without threats from their non-native cousins, the grey squirrel.

Since arriving on mainland UK from America, grey squirrels have caused serious problems for the reds resulting in a massive population decline. They compete for similar food and habitats and grey squirrels carry the dangerous squirrel-pox virus.

Scientists have long studied Arran’s red squirrels because of their unique location and as part of the event, the Brodick Country Park rangers can give some fascinating insight into what makes Arran’s red squirrels special and the animals’ ecology as a whole.

The Red Squirrel events will take place daily during Wildlife Week 15-20 July between 11am-noon. There will also be an additional date on Tuesday 20 August 2019 between 11am-noon. There is a sign in the castle car park directing to the squirrel hide. There is no need to book a place, just pop in and the rangers will be happy to see you.

The event is free with admission to Brodick Castle, Garden & Country Park.