Rum & Cake is an ideal winter warmer

Scottish alchemists Buck & Birch have launched an innovative and indulgent spirit which is the perfect winter warmer.

A wild sipping rum, Rum & Cake will warm the cockles and tease the tastebuds, on the cold winter nights.

The finest dark rum is infused with the incredible Buck & Birch Hogseed Parkin, then cold-filtered to ensure a sumptuous sipping sensation, laced with molasses and Scottish spice. And what is hogseed? It’s a lesser known spice that grows abundantly in Scotland and enlivens this rum with the heady scent of orange peel and warming spice on the palate.

Offering a fresh, but heady scent of orange peel with a spicier kick on the palate, the Hogseed Parkin adds a snappy taste note to make this luxurious liquor unmistakeable.

Big, bold and well-rounded, Rum & Cake is rich, buttery and full bodied in your mouth, with notes of warming ginger and clove, orange zest and a touch of caramelised fennel.

Creative director and co-founder, Tom Chisholm, said: ‘Rum in cake works a treat, but cake in rum – even better! No tricks or fancy science. We don’t rely on over complicated techniques or any other chemical wizardry to capture this unforgettable flavour.

‘Instead, we rely on good old-fashioned methods of infusion and patience. Newly baked parkin is added to rum and left to macerate, slowly imparting all of those beautiful flavours into the liquid. The finished spirit is then cold filtered for clarity whilst the all-important flavonoids are kept intact.’

Rum & Cake has an RRP of £32.99.Visit for details.

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