One final trip Inside the Zoo as giraffes return

The last in this series of Inside the Zoo is being shown tonight.

Narrated by Gail Porter, this episode marks something of a new beginning for Edinburgh Zoo.

It’s seventeen years since the zoo said farewell to their last giraffes. But that’s all about to change as staff prepare to welcome five new young males to their brand new state-of-the-art home. And as their arrival fast approaches head keeper Jonny is keen to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Vets are called in to investigate a worrying growth in the jaw of a skink called Cullen.

And keeper Helen is keeping an eye on Nala, a giant anteater whose large appetite but rapid weight-loss is cause for concern.

Polar bear Walker on the other hand has been gaining too much weight. Keepers at Highland Wildlife Park have decided to put him on a diet and training to get him on the scales is essential.

There are also training sessions in place for Bactrian camels Karnali and Caramel as vet Ellie attempts to get to know the pair. And keeper Becky gets stuck into a spring clean of their enclosure.

Inside the Zoo will be shown tonight, Monday, December 27, on BBC Scotland from 8-9pm.