Lift the spirits with whisky pronunciations

In these trying times it can be hard to find something to smile about.

Put your hand up – how many whisky distilleries have you been pronouncing wrong?

There’s no shame in it, unless you’re talking to James Russell of Cask Trade, who’s always more than happy to correct you.

This time, the team caught it on video giving you a chance to enjoy a little laugh and show off the next time you order a dram in Scotland.

Cask Trade to now helping to lift the ‘spirits’ of the national by sharing this witty whisky pronunciation video.

Founded in 2018 by Simon Aron in partnership with several of the world’s foremost whisky masters, including Keeper of the Quaich Sir Colin Hampden-White, Cask Trade buys and sells exceptional cask whiskies.

The company is unique because it only sells casks it owns outright, and it only sells whole casks: it is not a whisky cask broker and it does not offer fractional sales.

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