It will be hard to Trump this for slowing traffic

Forget speed cameras to slow the traffic down in a sleepy Scottish village.

In Arnprior, in rural West Stirlingshire, the heavy flow of daily commuting cars, that pass the  Steven Burgess Furniture & Interiors showroom, has slowed down to a snail’s pace to view something of the pumpkin variety.

And it’s not your normal carved pumpkin with a tea light. It’s the American President at the roadside!

Steven Burgess, managing director of the business, said: ‘Every year one of our customers donates a stash of lovely big pumpkins to the business.

‘So we like to join in the fun and make a pumpkin scarecrow to entertain our clients and commuters at our showroom entrance.

‘This year we decided on a more topical theme and it certainly has had a great reaction. It’s a take on Donald Trump – all in the cause of entertainment.

‘As you can see it is just a bit of fun and as we get into the spirit of Halloween. I hope that no one is offended.

‘The cars have been tooting with delight and the scarecrow has given drivers something to smile about on their daily commute. We have been asked if we are doing this for charity. At present it is not, but we may auction the Scarecrow off for a local charity at a later date.’

Steven Burgess Furniture & Interiors is an independent business selling high quality, made to measure, bespoke furniture and kitchens with a comprehensive in house Interior Design service. The business is on the A811, 10 miles west of Stirling.