It will be a blue light for St Andrew’s night

New Lanark World Heritage is turning blue this week – and it’s not with the cold weather! is getting ready to feel blue – and St Andrew’s Day on November 30.

Instead, the famous Mill Buildings and Falls of Clyde will be adorned by blue lighting, to celebrate Scotland’s national feast day.

The stunning 230 year old New Lanark buildings will glow on a grand scale whilst acting as a reminder of our national heritage. Augmented by the lights, the Falls of Clyde will also be illuminated, bringing together the living history and heritage of the river and the Site.

The historic environment forges connections between people and places, so it is fitting that on Scotland’s National Day, New Lanark will be shining a spotlight on the site’s outstanding universal value on our patron saint’s day next week.

Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development Ben Macpherson, said: ‘This St Andrew’s Day presents a positive, inspiring opportunity for all of Scotland, in all our diversity, to celebrate the inclusive, outward-looking and compassionate spirit of our nation – by helping others and by showing generosity and kindness.

‘Whether it’s on St Andrew’s Day or St Andrew’s Fair Saturday, this year we can all show the best of what it means to be Scottish by each of us doing something small to #MakeSomeonesDay. If each of us does something kind for another, together we can make a big, positive impact for the benefit of the whole of Scotland.

‘For St Andrew’s Day this year, I would encourage everyone to do something kind to #MakeSomeonesDay, join the numerous events that are taking place across Scotland, and enjoy celebrating the inclusive, outward-looking, compassionate spirit of our nation in all of its diversity.’

St Andrew has been celebrated in Scotland for over a thousand years, with feasts being held in his honour as far back as the year 1000 AD.

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