Iconic game bird features in new Famous Grouse ad

The Famous Grouse has launched a new campaign which will focus on The Famous Grouse Smoky Black.

Hitting screens since 20 October, the campaign returns to showcases a different, darker and smokier side of The Famous Grouse – bringing to life the flavours inherent within Smoky Black.

Set once again in ‘Grouse Country’, the advert sees Scotland’s iconic game enjoying a midnight stroll in the mountains.

Looking towards the sky, the clouds dramatically part to reveal a full moon which, in a nod to classic cinema, transforms our beloved Grouse into a darker and smokier feathered version. Standing proud amongst the heather, our protagonist disappears to reveal a bottle of The Famous Grouse Smoky Black, flanked by the end-line ‘The Darker, Smokier One’.

The campaign has been created by The Leith Agency who once again returned to award-winning Axis Studios to execute their creative campaign. It will target whisky drinkers via TV, supported by a multi-channel integrated marketing plan that includes paid Facebook media, in-store & online visibility, as well as sampling and gift with purchase.

Part of a £1 million UK marketing plan, the campaign launches in light of a growing trend towards peated whisky. With peated whisky making up four of the top ten UK malts in the off-trade (rising to five in the on-trade), Smoky Black offers consumers a peated variant of the iconic Grouse liquid at an accessible price point.

Smoky Black has been expertly blended to the same quality for which The Famous Grouse is renowned but uses a rare peated malt to produce a reassuring smoothness with an unmistakable aromatic flavour profile.

Smooth and complex, Smoky Black offers discerning drinkers a twist on a classic whisky style, whilst remaining an approachable blend featuring hints of dried fruit and a long, sweet and smoky finish.

Chris Anderson, head of Edrington Brands at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK, said: ‘At Christmas, millions of bottles of The Famous Grouse make their way into the homes of consumers preparing to purchase a bottle either for themselves, friends or loved ones and enjoy a dram to celebrate the festive season.

‘Since the launch of Smoky Black, we have seen sales of the liquid go from strength-to-strength as our loyal fans look to us for something different alongside consumers wanting to experiment with great quality, straightforward and honest everyday premium whisky.’