Celebrate the best dad jokes with Fred MacAulay and Tomatin

Scots comedian Fred MacAulay is marking Father’s Day with the most groan-tastic dad gags.

The dad-of-three delivered the results of a nationwide survey  conducted by Tomatin Distillery, one of the fastest growing  brands in the UK.

Tomatin surveyed more than 1000 people from all corners of the UK to find the winning dad-themed one liner, which
doesn’t disappoint.

Comedy veteran Fred MacAulay, originally from Perth, is celebrating 30 years since he first stood on a stage.

The winning corny classic, as voted for by more than 25% of the UK, is: ‘What did the buffalo say when his son left? Bison!’.

In at number two, ‘A Dad is washing his car with his son. Son: “Dad, can’t you just use a sponge?”.’

Watch Fred MacAulay deliver the top five jokes here.

Jennifer Masson, marketing manager of Tomatin, said: ‘Most dad jokes are so bad they’re good – much to the embarrassment of
their children. So, we thought in celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, we would find the most groan-tastic dad gag as
voted for by the UK public. What better way to toast all the dads out there!’

Fred added: ‘The dad joke is notoriously unfunny — steeped in captain-obvious observations and painful puns, so it was a bit of
a challenge delivering them with comedy kudos, but it was really good fun.’

Based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Tomatin Distillery is famous for its award-winning whisky range including its non-
age statement ‘Legacy’ single malt, and its 12, 14, 18 and 36-year-old whiskies.