ARRAN introduce a new liquid tartan soap

ARRAN Sense of Scotland has found the answer to a conundrum that’s baffled bath and body care product developers for years – by creating a tartan handwash that holds its pattern when squeezed from the bottle.

Launching just in time for Tartan Day (6 April), the new handwash reflects the brand’s Scottish heritage and is available to buy from 6th April 2022 for £16 at

Customers can sign up for early access from today, 1 April 2022.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Sales Director, Andrew Russell said: ‘We often joke that we’re Scottish inside and out, and that if you cut us open, you’d see tartan, now you can say the same goes for our handwash.

‘We wanted to create something that embodies us as a brand and our product experts have been working on the development of this one for years. We believe it’s totally unique.

‘Getting the technical specifications right hasn’t been an easy job, what we had to do was create horizontal stripes that hold their line when squeezed out of the tube, we did this by making a very viscous version of our existing formulas.

‘t’s kind of a halfway house between solid and liquid soap. We’ve paired that with a special nozzle that feeds the horizontal lines through as it’s pushed down to create the tartan pattern.

‘We’re really pleased with the final result, but we don’t want to give anything away and spoil the surprise when you see it for the first time. So, if you want to try it, you’ll have to head to our website and add yourself to the waiting list for when it launches on 6th April.

Inspired by our ancestors the latest addition to the ARRAN Sense of Scotland range is the most impressive yet.

Captured at the island source, the brand’s heart and inspiration, this Tartan Hand Wash contains earthy blends of pine and heather intertwined with the scent of Scottish pears to create a fresh uplifting Hand Wash.

Containing 100% liquid plaid, it has been blended to perfection and exudes the rugged scents of Scotland.

Please note – this tartan is suitable for all Clans.

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