An authentic Irish stew from a leading chef

It’s a favourite of the Emerald Isle, and today we present a delicious recipe for Irish stew.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Lough Erne Resort Executive chef, Noel McMeel, has shared some favourite recipes for a range of mouthwatering dishes that you can make at home, which we’re sharing this week.

Today, we present an recipe for that old favourite, Irish stew. Irish stew is traditionally made with root vegetables and lamb or mutton, but also commonly with beef. As in all traditional folk dishes, the exact recipe is not consistent from time to time, or place to place.

Noel has cooked for an impressive range of dignitaries and celebrities, including Barack Obama and Sir Paul McCartney, but the talented chef remains focused on his particular brand of modern Irish cooking and a very simple philosophy: sourcing, preparing and serving fresh food in season.

From Pat O’Doherty’s pork to fresh Kilkeel crab, Noel McMeel is a true champion for local produce, using only the highest quality ingredients in his recipes.

To mark St Patrick’s Day, why not enjoy some of Noel’s mouth-watering recipes, celebrating local Irish producers and taking inspiration from his early days in his family farm in Toome?