Air ambulance charity ball raised over £51,000

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance saves and improves lives across Scotland every day. 

SCAA currently operates one helicopter, an EC135-T2i, and one rapid response vehicle – taking expert paramedic care to the scene of time-critical emergencies, whether it be on a road, in a field or at someone’s home.  SCAA then transports patients to specialist hospitals to receive the most appropriate advanced care.

SCAA makes a difference – a patient’s chance of survival and full recovery are greatly increased if they receive the right medical care within the first hour of injury or illness.  The fast response of SCAA and its ability to reach Scotland’s most remote and rural areas saves vital minutes when every second really does count.

Based as Perth Airport, SCAA can be airborne within five minutes of receiving an emergency call and can reach 90% of Scotland’s population within 25 minutes.

Working in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS), SCAA is an integral part of Scotland’s frontline emergency response network, responding to trauma incidents and medical emergencies across the country, covering an area of more than 30,000 square miles.

As Scotland’s only charity air ambulance, SCAA is funded by the people of Scotland, primarily through donations, fundraising, events and our life-saving lottery

They recently held their first charity ball at The Hub, Edinburgh – with around 250 guests enjoying an evening of dining, dancing and fundraising, which brought in over £51,000 – a fantastic amount and a testament to the generosity of supporters on the evening.

Pictures by Angus Blackburn.

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