A new Scottish white rum joins the rum-volution

Hot on the heels of ginaissance, rum is now the on-trend drink and what better one to drink than

A brand new Scottish white rum from Dumfriesshire is joining the growth of rum as the most on-trend drink.

Liquid deli Demijohn came across this rum on their doorstep and decided to become part of the rum revolution.

Made on a farm near Lockerbie, production began in July to create a sophisticated tasting Scottish white rum. All spirits called rum must be made from sugar cane, so the molasses are imported from North Africa.

However, all other elements such as yeasts are sourced locally including local water. This beautifully smooth drink is leagues above any commercial rums and its complex flavour is a smooth cacophony of citrus, vanilla with even a hint of fruit. This rum is priced at £7.80/100ml.

Not content with just one new rum, Demijohn has also launched a three year old Cask Aged Dark Rum with a spectacular strength of 54%. The finish is a rich and fruity sweetness of burnt molasses that has produced a melody of sweet caramel on both its nose and its taste.

This new three year old Cask Aged Dark Rum is part of a cask that was produced by the Diamond Distillers in Guyana and has been aged in barrels there for at least three years giving it what is called a Barbados Caribbean finish. It is priced at £10.40/100ml.

Angus Ferguson, owner of Demijohn said: ‘We have had great fun this autumn adding some really fabulous new drinks to our emporium. As rum sales continue to grow, especially amongst the millennials, we searched high and low for some really special, unique rums to join in this rum-olution.

‘Our collection of four Demijohn rums are first class examples of how amazing rum can be when aged, infused or distilled in small batches.’

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