Scottish rum producer expands its collection

Scottish rum producer Cabezon Beverage has unveiled its new Speyside cask aged expression, Ron Cabezon – The Accord.

The Accord is the second expression from the burgeoning Scots firm, which launched in October 2021.

The Accord takes Cabezon Beverages award winning botanical rum, Ron Cabezon and ages it for another year in Speyside whisky casks.

The name ‘The Accord’ is a subtle reference to the roots of Ron Cabezon. Raised in Aberdeen, the City’s motto is ‘Bon Accord’ which means ‘Good Agreement’ but also to the rivalry of people’s spirit of choice where this makes rum and whisky work in harmony.

The Accord is limited to 350 bottles and pre-orders are open already with delivery before Christmas 2021.

David Smith, managing director of Cabezon Beverage said: ‘Ron Cabezon has been so well received over the last 12 months and it made us excited to try something else.

‘Being Scottish has meant we have grown up on whisky and the distillery is a stone’s throw from Speyside, so we wanted to include something as local as possible.

‘Cask ageing is an exciting prospect for us because truly only time can tell how it will work. The cask aged edition is smooth on the palate with a deep richness, and we cannot wait to start getting feedback from the pre-orders we have taken.’

Fraser Graham, marketing director, added: ‘The Accord has started to let us get a little more experimental at the distillery. We are already looking at new ideas to see where we can push things.

‘The UK rum scene is growing all the time and we are truly focused on scaling up. In 2021 we have gone from 0 to 80 bars and nearly the same in independent spirit shops, so we are focused on getting our message and products into the wider market place with big plans for 2022.’

Cabezon Beverage was launched during lockdown in October 2020 and their flagship product, Ron Cabezon, is now stocked in over 80 on-trade and 70 off-trade establishments from Fraserburgh to St Ives and is growing month on month.

Scotland is world renowned for spirit distillation and the Scottish rum scene is getting bigger with every passing week and Cabezon Beverage is one of the companies leading the charge.

Cabezon Beverage’s – Ron Cabezon, The Accord, can be purchased exclusively from for £39.95.

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